Self Defense Classes

Professional self defense classes designed for real life

One of the things we love most about BJJ is just how practical it is. The skills and confidence you develop follow you right out the door and into your everyday life.

You never know when a situation might escalate or become dangerous, making it essential that you know how to protect yourself in a smart, capable way.

Ongoing BJJ training is invaluable, but we also offer specialized sessions that provide you with actionable tips and advice. Our goal is to help you identify and neutralize threats, then get out of the situation completely.

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Most fights start on your feet, then quickly go to the ground. This is where Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu really shines. We’ll teach you the art of ground fighting, turning a liability into an asset, and quickly neutralizing your attacker.

Self Defense

From learning basic defensive maneuvers to more advanced techniques, our instructors will teach you how to predict, recognize, and protect yourself from violent attacks. 

Self Defense Training

Our self-defense courses for teenagers are designed to inspire confidence and resilience, giving your growing child the tools they need to protect themselves. We also teach that avoiding an altercation is the top priority, only drawing on their skills when they absolutely need to.

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