Develop a strong mind and body with jiu jitsu

If you want to learn self-defense skills while developing self-confidence, mental and physical strength. Hassett’s Jiu Jitsu Club is the right place to start.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Get a great workout while learning a valuable martial art you can use in real situations to defend yourself. Lose weight and get into shape while training with people who share your interests in MMA. Train for tournaments: local or national!

Self Defense

At Hassett’s Jiu-Jitsu, our qualified instructors have the knowledge and skills required to teach you how to defend yourself in case of an attack or altercation. We have specialized training sessions that can empower you and improve your self-image so you can better protect yourself and your loved ones.

Kids Martial Arts

Teach your kids how to keep themselves safe while having fun and interacting with other kids. They will learn confidence in themselves, how to spot danger signs, and what to do in order to defend themselves in all situations.

Your Jiu-Jitsu Journey Starts Here