Tournament Results – The Good Fight 9/22/18

Hassetts Jiu-Jitsu brought a team to compete at The Good Fight Sub-Only competition on 9/22/18. Congratulations to all those who competed. Thank you to all those who helped to coach and support our team. Here are the results from the tournament:


Christian Silver Gi
Siobhain Gold Gi / Bronze Open Div NG
Candice  Silver Gi
Chris S. Gold Gi
Scott Silver Gi
Ed Gold Gi / Gold NG
Norm Gold NG
Tim Bronze Gi
April  Silver Gi / Silver NG
Chris F. Bronze Gi / Silver NG
Heart Attack Ken Bronze NG 
Alex  Gold NG
Jake Silver NG
Keith Bronze Gi / Silver NG
Joe B. Silver Gi / Bronze NG


Eli Gold Gi / Gold NG
Daniel Gold Gi / Bronze NG
Noah Silver Gi / Gold NG
Andrew 2 Silver Gi / 1 Silver NG
Alyssa 2 Silver Gi / 2 Silver NG
Gabe 2 Bronze Gi / Silver NG