Dawn Fazzio


Dawn Fazzio

Assisstant Instructor

Dawn Fazzio is a 40 yr old wife and mother of 3 boys, with an accomplished career as a cake artist. She is the owner of a small custom cake business, Custom cakes By Dawn. Her Jiu-jitsu training started in early 2017 at Hassetts Jiu-jitsu. After leaving an event late at night in the city with her husband (who also trains at Hassetts, along with their youngest son), he asked her what she would do if she was attacked in the middle of the street at that moment. She had no answer and realized she did not know how to defend herself if needed. She stepped on the mat the next day, fell in love with the art immediately, and has dedicated herself to Jiu-jitsu life ever since. She is now a 4 stripe blue belt and plans to continue her journey for many years to come at Hassetts Jiu-jitsu.

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