How To Tie A Jiu Jitsu Belt

Did you know that physical activity that’s done regularly can help adolescents and children in a variety of ways? These ways include the improvement of cardiorespiratory fitness, the building of strong muscles and bones, the control of weight, and more.

If your child has chosen Jiu Jitsu as their form of physical activity, something you might be struggling with is tying their Jiu Jitsu belt.

Fortunately, in this guide, we’ll review how to tie a Jiu Jitsu Belt. Finally, your child can feel comfortable while doing Jiu Jitsu.

As a result, they’ll get exercise and be healthier than ever. Read on to learn more.

The Standard Variation Knot for a Jiu Jitsu Belt

When it comes to tying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belts, there are different methods you can use. One of these is the standard variation knot, which is the most common method practitioners use to tie their Jiu Jitsu belts. As a result, it’s likely the first method your child (or you) will be taught.

To get started, find the belt’s center. This is the space where, if you hold it, each tail will evenly dangle.

Sometimes, practitioners of Jiu Jitsu will mark this spot using a black Sharpie. This way, they won’t have to spend time looking for each time they tie their belts in a Jiu Jitsu scenario.

Once you’ve found the belt’s center, pin it right where your belly button is. Then, wrap the belt around you gently.

As you reach the back, you should continue wrapping the belt around you so that you now have a tail on each side of your body facing the front.

Next, you’ll have to do something with one of the tails (let’s call it Tail A). Usually, this will be the tail that’s on the same side as the one that your dominant hand is on.

Additional Steps

Tuck Tail A underneath both tails (against you), starting from the bottom so that it slides out on the top. Then, bring Tail A over the other tail (let’s call it Tail B). When you do this, both of them will form an ‘X.’

You’ll also have created a loop. Reach through this loop, grab the tail that’s on top, and pull that tail back through the loop. You might notice, as you’re doing this, that the bottom tail becomes twisted.

In the case of this happening, all you have to do is rotate it, making it flat so it’ll fit the other parts of the belt. You’ll know you’ve done this correctly because the knot will have a fortune cookie shape.

The Hollywood Style for a Jiu Jitsu Belt

For those who don’t like that two bands, from the back, are visible, there’s another way of tying Jiu Jitsu belts: the Hollywood style. This style is a little more aesthetically pleasing. To get started, take one of your belt ends (let’s call it Belt End A).

When you take Belt End A, grab it by the very tip. Put it against your back, right where your spine is. Next, wrap your belt twice around yourself.

Now, you’ll be holding only one end, the one that’s closer to Belt End B. It will hang closer to your front side.

Pull it underneath both of your belt’s layers. You’ll end up having a top tail. This will be in the same way as you would with the standard variation knot.

To end up having a bottom tail, carefully push your wrapped belt’s innermost layer out. At this point, Belt End A will be down and at the end of your bottom tail. Tie these in the same way you would for a standard deviation knot.

The Super Knot for a Jiu Jitsu Belt

Finally, there’s the super knot option. This is a strong knot that will keep you from having to deal with the frustrating occurrence that happens far too often of Jiu Jitsu belts coming undone when your child is in the middle of doing Jiu Jitsu.

To get started, start by doing the same thing you did for the Hollywood style. You should have a Belt End A that you put against your back, right where your spine is.

Then, wrap your belt twice around yourself. This should end with you holding one tail. This will be the tail that is on the same side as the belt end that isn’t Belt End A (let’s call that Belt End B).

Next, thread the tail you’re holding underneath both of your belt’s layers. Do this so it becomes the top tail.

Additional Steps

Now, out from underneath both of your belt’s layers, push out the bottom tail. So far, all the steps for the super knot have been the same as they were for the Hollywood style. But there’s a difference in the next step.

In that step, you’ll thread the top tail through your belt’s two layers so that it creates a loop. Then, grab your bottom tail and bring it up, feeding it through the loop you created.

Additionally, feed it through the belt’s two layers—just like you did with the top tail. Pull tight, and you’ll have the super knot!

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