How Much Do Self Defense Classes Cost?

Did you know that around 48% of Americans report avoiding specific neighborhoods where they feel unsafe? It’s important to be cautious, but unfortunately you can be at risk in even the safest areas. You never know when something could happen, and relying on avoidance often isn’t enough.

Common sense and listening to your instincts is critical, but it’s important to also have basic knowledge of how to defend yourself regardless of your age or gender. With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that self-defense courses are more popular than ever, offering a great way to feel secure, boost your self-confidence, and enjoy physical exercise. 

So, how much do these classes actually cost? Let’s take a closer look.

Price Range for Self Defense Classes

The average self-defense class costs around $20 per session, but the price range varies from $10-40/class depending on a couple of factors:

  • The Studio: What kind of studio are you considering? The location and nature of the classes have a big impact on the bottom line.
  • Program Type & Frequency: Some studios offer various rates depending on the type of program you choose, the number of classes offered, and how often you’ll go.

Are Self-Defense Classes Worth the Cost? 

With the cost of living on the rise, it’s easy to wonder whether or not self-defense classes are really worth it. We believe that the cost is absolutely worthwhile, especially when you factor in the key benefits and long-term value.

Peace of Mind

Whether you’re considering a self-defense class for your child, yourself, or your whole family, you’re paying for peace of mind, knowing that they have the tools they need to protect themselves. 

Self defense classes also help with priceless “situational awareness”: learning how to recognize and respond to dangerous situations. This kind of insight goes far beyond intuition, or judgment that may be clouded, and helps protect you from becoming a victim of assault.

Practical Knowledge Builds Confidence 

In self-defense classes, you learn how to defend yourself in a variety of ways, and you practice those skills. This helps you build practical knowledge with real-world applications, including: 

  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Increased self-confidence 
  • Applying skills under pressure
  • Decreased stress  

Improve Your Physical and Mental Health 

Self-defense classes are also a great way to get out and get moving. This exercise is a gift that gives on giving, releasing endorphins, improving your mood, boosting brain health, and increasing confidence overall. 

These classes also provide a strong, healthy community where you can connect with others, share experiences, and learn together. You’ll get an incredible sense of accomplishment as you learn new skills, celebrating victories together.

Why Can’t I Just Carry a Weapon? 

Carrying a gun, knife, mace, pepper spray, or another weapon isn’t enough. You need the ability to protect yourself and your family when you don’t have a weapon on hand. You also need to know how to protect yourself so a perpetrator doesn’t overpower you and use your own weapon against you. 

Sign Up for Self Defense Classes Today 

In our opinion, the benefits of self-defense classes far outweigh the costs, and are an investment of time and resources that pays priceless dividends for years to come.

 If you’re looking to learn how to protect yourself and build the skills you need, like situational awareness, it all starts with one class. Have more questions, or would you like to give it a test run? Sign up for a free intro class today and start learning how to keep yourself safe in any situation.