How Long Does It Take to Learn Martial Arts?

1 in 2 adults doesn’t get enough aerobic physical activity.

If you’re looking to increase your physical activity level, you might consider learning martial arts. Martial arts offers a unique mix of aerobic and anaerobic activity that provides numerous benefits to the mind and body.

But you won’t become a master overnight. How long does it take to learn martial arts?

Keep reading to find out the answer to that question and more about what you can expect from martial arts for beginners. 

Factors That Influence How Long It Takes

There is no one answer to the question of how long it takes to learn martial arts. This is because there are so many factors that come into play.

The first two factors are how fast of a learner you are and which type of martial art you want to learn. Each martial art has its own unique set of skills and basics that you need to learn before becoming more advanced.

How fast you learn martial arts will also depend on your level of physical fitness and the frequency of your lessons. The more often you train, the faster you’ll learn. But it’s important to find the right balance to avoid burnout.

Finally, the quality of the instructor of your martial arts classes and the facility you train at will influence how quickly and effectively you’ll learn.

Martial Arts for Beginners

When you start learning martial arts, you’ll start with the basics. Mastering the fundamentals will help you maximize the benefits of martial arts and speed up the learning process.

When you’re just starting out, the basics can be just as challenging as the more advanced moves. For example, when learning Jiu-Jitsu, you must first master the basics, which are about control, motion, and momentum.

Once you become proficient in the basics, you can move on to more advanced fighting and self-defense. Taking the time to master the basics will 

How Long Will It Take?

While it’s difficult to say how long it will take for each individual to learn martial arts, we can look at the results of this study to get an idea.

The results of the study showed that it took an average of 27 to 38.3 sessions for participants to become proficient in beginner martial arts. This translates to 29 hours.

How quickly you complete these sessions and reach 29 hours depends on your schedule, fitness level, and personal preferences. The more dedicated you are, the more quickly you will learn. 

Do You Want to Learn Martial Arts?

Learning martial arts can benefit your physical, mental, and emotional health. But learning to master this art, like any other, requires time, practice, and dedication. 

If you want to learn martial arts, you’ve come to the right place. We offer Jiu-Jitsu, self-defense, kids martial arts classes, and more.

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