Battle at the Beach 2015

Battle at the Beach 2015

What a great day for Hassetts BJJ Club at the 2015 Naga Battle at the Beach Tournament! We took many medals and even a few belts! Congrats to all that competed and for all the team support! We are proud of everyone! - Total  12 Medals, 2 Belts! If I missed anyone please let me know. 

 Aiden C., 1st  No Gi

 Brandon N., 3rd No Gi, 3rd Gi

 Xavier M., 1st Gi, 2nd No Gi

 Jen T., 3rd No Gi

 Chris S., 1st Gi, 1st No Gi 

 Jeremiah T., 3rd No Gi

 Sal O., 2nd No Gi, 2nd Gi

 Urijah S., 2nd Gi Adult, 1st Gi Masters

 John Battle, 1st Mens Expert No Gi, 3rd Mens Gi

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